22 January 2018

Aiming high in 2018

All staff message by CEO Richard Gill

Now that we are into our third week back, I wanted to look ahead to 2018 and celebrate new beginnings and the partnership’s continued progress.

Thank you all again for attending the ATLP’s inaugural conference at the National Conference Centre. What a great way to start a new year and a new term and to bring together all our fantastic team under one impressive roof.

Thanks and praise too for our inspirational speakers, sporting legend, Baroness Tanni Grey-Thomson, BBC journalist and presenter, Ashley John Baptiste and former headteacher and ATLP Trust Board member, Professor Mick Waters.

They all demonstrated just what can be achieved when we put our minds to it, when we believe in others and ourselves and when we have the courage and aspiration to drive our own destinies.

I was humbled by their stories and uplifted by their words and the underlying message of aiming high.

I hope you all enjoyed the event as much as I did and that you had an opportunity to take something positive away with you. This was a chance to meet with colleagues from your schools and across the partnership and to spend a day of team building and professional development – with a book signing and sing-along in the mix!

It was an honour and a privilege to be part of ATLP history, to see headteachers, teaching and non-teaching staff, governors and trust board members come together with one shared purpose – to put children at the heart of everything we do.

What a pleasure to welcome our newest schools John Willmott and Scotch Orchard to this event so that they can learn more about the wonderful family they are joining.

I have to extend my enormous gratitude to the team members who helped to make a vision a reality – especially ATLP’s safeguarding lead, Sue Bailey, who brought the spirit of this partnership to life through this fantastic conference. Sue works tirelessly to create opportunities for others.  Last week she received a certificate from the CEO of the Outward Bound Trust, who met with staff and students at Mere Green and Arthur Terry Schools, to celebrate 20 years of partnership working. During those years, Sue and others, like Mike Simmons, deputy director of the teaching school, have gone beyond the curricular to give students and staff enriching experiences through the Outward Bound Trust.

Sue Bailey (pictured centre) next to Mike Simmons

Our staff are all heroes. You may not be a gold medallist or an X-Factor finalist but, as Mick Waters pointed out, you are all part of a noble profession with the power to improve lives and transform communities.

Ashley John-Baptiste told us that he was able to change his future with the support of people like us (along with his own incredible determination and talent of course) and his words mirror the defining principles of the ATLP:

Never ever should we diminish an aspiration of all young people. Educators have such an incredible influence over the lives of so many and we should encourage our young people, believe in them and unlock their potential. It’s the right thing to do.”