Aims & Vision

“Twenty first century school leadership is about having a spirit of generosity, openness and collaboration and a deep moral purpose that believes that every child has a right to be a powerful learner whichever school they happen to attend.”

All our schools have leaders who are considered to be inspirational but the schools are also full of creative and dynamic practitioners.  Our successful schools, therefore, are not just in the hands of one superhero headteacher but bear the hallmark of excellence throughout for that same enthusiasm is to be found in the classroom assistants, teachers and support staff.  The teachers and school leaders work together to create a curriculum that motivates not only the pupils/students but themselves too, and in all of our seven schools an enthusiastic and committed group of volunteers involving community groups, parents, grandparents and others contributes to it.

If there is one characteristic that could mark out our Learning Partnership schools it is the provision of a personalised and creative curriculum.  Each leadership group knows itself and its community, especially the pupils/students, and every day matches the learning, specifically and accurately, to that need.  It is the ability to treat every day as something new and every child as an individual that makes our schools shine through in our commitment to rich learning experiences.

Our leaders at all levels want to see exciting and motivational activities available for all our pupils/students.  Whether using another’s ideas, adapting published suggestions, devising an entirely new timetable or enlisting volunteers, they have contextualised approaches to fit our individual communities’ needs in order to impact on learners’ future lives.  In doing so, our school leaders understand that it is not only curriculum content that matters but approaches, motivation and attitude generated through appropriate pedagogy.

For our school leaders, the statutory framework simply sets an entitlement to basic provision; the real learning is always to be found through layers and layers of professional creativity, to create a curriculum that is totally personalised to the contexts of our individual schools, dynamic not static, and responsive not to politics but to our local communities’ needs.

Key Objectives

​ “The academy has benefited greatly from its entry into the Arthur Terry Learning Partnership. Additional learning resources, teaching and leadership expertise, and preparation of pupils for the future have all enhanced the academy’s development,”

Ofsted 2015

  • To develop all our academies towards achieving outstanding practice and performance through partnership support and collaboration.
  • To develop support and train our teaching and support staff so that they can be inspirational leaders and supporters of children’s learning.
  • To create a sustainable successful culture and ethos across all our academies thereby safeguarding our children’s future.