24 September 2016

Architects of our own future

How the ATLP is driving its own destiny and helping others to shape theirs by delivering a school-led education system.

The Arthur Terry Learning Partnership has always understood the value of collaboration – schools are stronger when they work together to raise standards.

Collaboration is part of an improvement plan for schools to drive up standards. It enables schools to take the lead; working together to support and learn from one another, spreading best practice and the highest standards.

The government is encouraging more schools to develop a self-improving and sustainable school-led system. This means giving them the freedom and responsibility for managing their own school improvement. Schools can deliver this through the concept of system leadership, including teaching schools and national and local leaders of education.

Spreading excellence further

As an established multi-academy-trust with an acclaimed national teaching school and national and local leaders of education, the ATLP takes a systemic lead in school-to-school support. We are building capacity within our own academies and, at the same time, working with and supporting other schools in the area to bring about improvement.

National leader of education and ATLP CEO designate, Richard Gill, is the elected regional member of the Teaching Schools Council for Birmingham. He believes that in the current educational climate, the benefits of working together have never been greater.

He said:

The opportunity to work together and in partnership with other schools impacts on best practice. That learning impacts on the staff and in turn impacts on our students.

Collaboration is the cornerstone of creating a system which is self-improving. Schools need to support other schools if we are to achieve the highest standards across the teaching profession and for the greater good of all students.“