22 March 2016

Arthur Terry-byte – Partnership’s got what IT takes

High tech Sutton students star in Microsoft video



Move aside Bill Gates, because IT savvy students from the Arthur Terry School are the latest faces of Microsoft in a new video that demonstrates how technology can boost student performance.

Year 11 student, Hannah Cook and sixth former, Lola Sherwin, feature alongside Arthur Terry headteacher, Neil Warner, in a Microsoft video that showcases the outstanding school’s innovative use of information technology and how it is benefitting both students and staff.

The video case study released by Birmingham specialist application hosting company, C24 -which supports delivery with Microsoft of Office 365 to the Arthur Terry Learning Partnership (ATLP) and across the education sector- shows how the school and the four thousand student-wide ATLP are pioneering the use of technology to effectively support teaching and learning in schools.

Through its innovative partnership with Microsoft and C24, ATLP students and staff can communicate using Office 365 across schools and access, store and work together on a range of homework, resources and study materials from anywhere at any time, and on mobile devices.

Neil Warner said:

This has had a massive impact on the amount on the amount of homework students produce, along with the quality, the depth and the frequency of work.

For teachers, the system enables a greater deal of flexibility, in terms of collaborating and planning and independently working. It’s enabled teachers to save a lot of time. Once the resources are on there, they’re on there for future years, so teachers can spend far more time on thinking about the resources and collaborating together.”

In the video, C24 talks about its close partnership with the school and Microsoft to deliver a solution that enables more flexible learning experiences filmed how it made learning and teaching more productive and successful

The student stars of the video are the first to applaud the advances in technology, but admit to sometimes taking such breakthroughs for granted.

Lola said:

The system is really helpful for homework, coursework and deadlines. It helps me keep organised because I can keep on top of everything no matter where I am or when. I just love it.”

Hannah said:

If we start work in a lesson we can just save it on to the One Drive and complete it at home as a homework task. We know that some other schools aren’t as privileged as us and that we can just access what we need straight from our phones in schools.”

Mr Warner said:

Bring your own device has been a monumental change and a shift in the way we work. There’s a difference between collaborating with a device and collaborating with a piece of paper. The way in which they collaborate in groups has had almost a competitive element to it and that’s really enabled students to up their own game in terms of raising their own expectations of learning and their outcomes.

He added:

The IT is enabling our students to be successful learners, ready to face the next stage of their lives and that’s what we’re about as educators – making children feel good about themselves and being able to face society with confidence.”

Chris Butler, head of IT delivery for the ATLP, said:

Microsoft recognised us as a forward thinking partnership and hand-picked us to showcase the merits of our IT solutions.  Like Microsoft, we want to push the boundaries of what is possible, and as you can see from our positive results, we are doing just that. Thanks to our work with C24 and Microsoft, we now have a technology platform that we can deliver for us over the long-term.”

Dave Ricketts, C24’s head of marketing, said:

With Microsoft and C24’s support, the Arthur Terry Learning Partnership now has a future proofed solution in place to enable better learning experiences and more collaboration between students, staff and schools.” Now we have a technology platform that can deliver for them over the long term.”

Watch the case study video in full here to understand how learning experiences can be transformed by cloud technology http://blog.c24.co.uk/2016/03/08/filming-with-microsoft-on-set-with-the-arthur-terry-learning-partnership/


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