09 September 2016

The Book Bench – read all about it

By Kayleigh Tong, Student, Stockland Green School

The Book Bench is a chance for the students of Stockland Green’s community champions group to design a bench based on the book ‘Wonder’ by Raquel J Palacio. The bench is going to be placed at Millennium Point for member for the public to use, appreciate its aesthetics and tick off their list on the hunt for all of the book benches in Birmingham.

One student said:

I think the book bench is a great way to connect to our community.  Other people will be able to see it because we put our school logo on it and they will know it’s from our school.”

Another student said:

I like the idea of the book bench because it showcases our commitment to reading as we get to decorate it with our designs.

Our students have spent lots of time reading the book and using their knowledge to inform their designs. Umayr told us how much he has enjoyed designing the book bench and being a part of the programme as it has shown how ‘imaginative’ students can be.

Art teacher Mrs Kennedy-Wale said:

I think it’s a fantastic visual way of bringing attention to literature because it’s very eye catching.  It draws interest to people who wouldn’t usually be interested.”

Another member of staff who has been involved in the marvellous creation is head of literacy, Mr McCarthy. He said the book bench is:

a symbol of how much we value literacy at this school.  The book bench will be displayed in the community and give people the chance to see the values that are important to Stockland Green School and the creativity of our students.”

One of the community champions, Emma Watts, said:

I like the fact that it will get the community interested in reading.”