16 June 2017

Bright at twilight – NQTs shine across schools

Congratulations to this inspirational team of NQT+1s.

The cohort met this week at Arthur Terry School, along with some senior ATLP leaders, to present their findings from the research projects that they have been undertaking this year.

Led by Kerriann Dyson, deputy headteacher at Slade Primary School, the programme is made up of twilight sessions across the year at various teaching schools.

The programme has been developed around the notion of ‘outstanding provision’ including assessment, challenge and delivery of lessons.

Throughout the year, teachers have been doing a research project with the sessions supporting their project. This has been based around a personal interest or a new leadership role. These varied from early years provision to growth mindset in maths.


Kerriann is incredibly proud of the group. She said:

The teachers did a phenomenal job with their presentations. They were confident and passionate about their subjects and showcased the wonderful job they do on a daily basis. The strength around the table was inspiring.

“All of the senior leaders who came to see the presentations were blown away by what was presented to them.”

Pictured from left to right:

Rebecca Murray (Mere Green)

Lucia Thornton (Mere Green)

Lisa Littlewood (Slade)

Harry Britton (Hill West)

Bryony Morris (Little Aston)

Natasha Bodenham (Slade)

Parwinder Mehmi (Slade)

Sophie Evans (Slade)

Danielle Duggan (Slade)