11 March 2016

Budding journalists have the ‘write’ attitude at Stockland Green School

By Anna Newson, Head of PR & Communications, the ATLP

Press GangToday I met a talented group of students from the Stockland Green School, in the shape of the SGS Press Gang.

These six children, from years 8 to 10, are an enthusiastic team of roving reporters who share the latest news from across their school.

From sporting successes to academic accolades, the gang find time to tweet, blog and spread the stories about their equally talented class mates.

The team consists of a photographer, reporters and editors, who work together to bring the best of Stockland to our Twitter feeds and web space.

Not only are they mastering the valuable skills of teamwork and time management, but they are learning to ask the right questions and developing their confidence – skills that will serve them well throughout their careers.

They’re also passionate about their education, proud of their school and incredibly polite!

All of the Press Gang’s activities are carried out in addition to their studies and to the various other positions they hold on student leadership groups. These children are among Stockland’s brightest and most gifted students and their creativity shines through.

One of the children, Aidan, a budding photographer and Grade 5 musician, chatted to me about his vision for the gang. I was so impressed by his ideas and enthusiasm, that I came back to work and created this blog post.

Another of the children, Cara, a talented writer and leading student (just two of her numerous skills) asked me how she could become a journalist. I told her that by being part of the Press Gang, she is already well on her way. However, I think Cara could do anything she puts her mind to. Watch this space!

I’d like to thank the Press Gang for taking time out to meet with me today; for teaching an old news hound some new tricks about how the next generation report and digest their news; and for being just thoroughly brilliant.

Don’t forget to check out their stories: http://www.stocklandgreen.co.uk/sgs-press-gang/