02 February 2018

CASPER – Coleshill Art Space Project Everyone Respects

Coleshill Town Council launched the CASPER (Coleshill Art Space Project Everyone Respects), and invited students from the Coleshill School to take part.

The creative students had to create a design for a statue, sculpture, mural or other feature that will be placed in a prominent location in Coleshill.

The brief was to design a piece of art work to incorporate the four themes relating to Coleshill of:

  • John Sumner – founder of Typhoo tea
  • Jack O’Watton – a famous local highwayman
  • The circus elephant who died and is buried in Coleshill
  • The three rivers (Blythe, Cole and Tame) that link Coleshill

The entries were judged by Mayor Tony Battle and the winning entry was Charlotte’s “Baby Elephant in a Teacup” model.  The winner and three runners up will each receive a monetary prize .

Mrs Pudge, Art and Design Technician, said:

The art department were delighted with the response and calibre of the entries of the competition. The students were fascinated by the elephant story and have used this in their work.  We are looking forward to the outcome of the CASPER project and we can’t wait to see the final outcome, resulting in a permanent public sculpture in Coleshill”.