Community Values

“Working with others to enhance the life chances of our learning communities is among the core values of the ATLP. Our community reach extends far beyond the school gate.”
Schools have always been – and will always be – at the very heart of the community. Looking out for the needs of others and creating and sustaining closely-knit communities which are based on trust and mutual respect, forms the very bedrock of society.

We’re teaching our children from the earliest age to be good citizens – to value and contribute to their communities – both during their time with us and beyond.

Each of our academies prides themselves on their close links with their individual communities. Forging strong and long-lasting relationships is integral to both the development of our schools and to the people we serve.

We work together with families, community groups, charities, businesses and other organisations to benefit our communities in various ways. We’re fully subscribed to the ethos that, “to give is to gain” and our community engagement endeavours to support those around us. We’re also benefitting from the generosity of others and this shared moral purpose means that we can grow the type of communities that will enrich our families, both today and in the future.

Examples of our community events include: The Big Gig, The Four Oaks Community Fair and Unity in Diversity. On a day-to-day level, each school carries out community work locally, from making IT suites accessible to residents, to tidying up parks and beauty spots.

Here, you will find out more about how we are joining together with others to bring our communities to life; to provide them with the very best opportunities; and to ensure that they continue to flourish.

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