03 October 2016

Conservative Party Conference 2016

By Mr Zarifeh, Teacher, Arthur Terry School

On Sunday 2nd October 2016, Arthur Terry A Level Government & Politics students were privileged to be VIP delegates at the Conservative’s annual conference, which this year was held at the ICC and Symphony Hall.

Students were able to hear speeches from the Prime Minister, Teresa May, Foreign Secretary, Boris Johnson, International Development Secretary, Priti Patel and Brexit minister, David Davis. The second only woman PM outlined her vision for a post-Brexit, ‘Global Britain’confirming that article 50 would be invoked by the end of March 2017 at the latest.

The theme of the opening day of the Tory party conference was working towards an EU deal and UK that works for ‘everyone’ – high aspirations indeed! I hope the Arthur Terry students will be able to hold Mrs May and her cabinet to account as they seek to reunite the Tory party and country, post June’s seismic referendum result.

A big thanks to Messers Warner, Glazebrook and Gaudin who along with myself accompanied our marvelous students who in the course of the day enjoyed one to one conversations with BBC correspondents, Conservative party chairman Sir Patrick Mcloughlin and Boris Johnson no less.