17 November 2017

Driving car safety message home to young people

Safety conscious Arthur Terry School students have been learning about the dangers of careless driving and the distraction of digital devices behind the wheel, following a “powerful and moving” production.

Officers from West Midlands Fire Service and Trinity Ward Police visited the outstanding school on Tuesday (14 November) to take part in ‘Message Delivered’ a hard-hitting drama, funded by the Police Commissioner’s Office, and delivered by actors from the New Vic Theatre.

Year 12 and 13 students watched the tale of three university students who are involved in a fatal road traffic collision after using a mobile phone while driving. Fire officers from Sutton Coldfield and Perry Barr stations and Tech Rescue took part in the interactive performance, along with a police officer from Trinity Ward. The production was followed by a workshop and Q&A session.

Andrew Gillespie, who manages the Road Casualty Reduction Team, hopes that the project will raise awareness of the importance of driving safely – and save lives in the process.

He said:

The number of road traffic casualties involving 16-24 year olds is disproportionately high and we have seen an increase in the number of incidents involving mobile devices. We hope that by working in partnership with schools and emergency services, that we can educate students and encourage them to be responsible drivers, creating safer roads and saving lives.”

Deputy headteacher Neil Bowater said:

This was an incredibly powerful and moving production and the emotional impact certainly gave our year 11 and 12s something to think about.

The subject is particularly relevant to students as about half of our sixth form have passed their driving tests and we want to ensure that they drive responsibly and without distraction. We would like to thank everybody for coming into school to deliver this life-saving message and we hope the message has a wider impact across our local community and parents.”