29 January 2018

Extending our reach – government appoints ATLP to support schools in North East

The respected Arthur Terry Learning Partnership has been invited by the Department for Education to join the Multi-Academy Trust Development Programme in supporting a newly formed Trust in the North East.

The ATLP – which runs nine schools in Birmingham, North Warwickshire and Staffordshire – will work with the Endeavour Academies Trust in Middlesbrough in what CEO Richard Gill describes as “joint practice development”.

The scheme – which was officially launched on 24 January – gives developing MATS in priority areas across the country the chance to work in partnership with a more experienced MAT.

The Arthur Terry Learning Partnership has a proven track record for school improvement and has been selected as the established MATs to support and guide Endeavour as part of the year-long ‘buddy’ scheme.

The MAT Development Programme was launched in London by National Schools Commissioner Sir David Carter (pictured).

He joined fellow DfE representatives, invited speakers and senior leaders from MATs, to discuss the scheme and the wider school improvement agenda.

ATLP CEO and national leader of education, Richard Gill, and finance director, Teresa Phipps, were among the delegates.

Richard said:

The launch event reminded us why we’re so pleased to be participating in this programme, and we’re delighted that our school improvement work has been recognised at a national level.

Endeavour Academies Trust has so much to offer its learning communities, including a real commitment to improving the quality of education for all, and we look forward to working with school leaders who share our core values.

As a partnership we believe in looking beyond our own doorstep. Collaboration is the cornerstone to school improvement and by working together, we can improve the outcomes for so many.

This partnership will be mutually beneficial, as we can learn and grow from each other to share best practice and to develop our own skills, while contributing to the system – it’s a win-win approach.”

Endeavour Academies Trust visited the ATLP in January to meet with senior leaders and to celebrate the beginning of a long-term collaborative relationship.

Principal Phil Latham (pictured) was appointed to the role of NLE last year and wants to use his national support school status to escalate improvement across other schools.

He said:

We are delighted to be working in partnership with ATLP, which is now in its tenth year of school improvement.

Macmillan Academy has achieved so much in recent years and now it’s our duty – and our privilege – to work with others collaboratively on their own school improvement journey. This is a chance to learn what success across a family of academies can look like and use this as a spring board for our own development and growth plans.”