25 November 2016

How the other half live! Year 9 visit to Selwyn College Cambridge

By Tyler Whitehouse, year 9, the Coleshill School

I can remember pulling up outside the Selwyn college at Cambridge University, it was a magnificent sight, to know that this impressive structure has been standing for almost 150 years and now my group of 11 would be allowed to enter this piece of history. The day was scheduled nicely, with a 2 hour tour of the university’s campus, then we went to the Cavendish, a tremendous  laboratory that most of the world’s finest minds had gone to at some point or another.

The tour around the campus was amazing, aside from being a fairly cold day, the old buildings were brilliant, in both how intricate the patterns that were engraved and the scale of the architecture. King’s college was phenomenal, from the very moments that I stepped foot onto the college I was overwhelmed by how marvellous the building is- it reminded me of Hogwarts from Harry Potter!

The Cavendish Laboratory was awesome as well, it was a large building with so much history, many great scientific discoveries were made in those four walls. When we got in, we were greeted by a scientist, who gave us a fascinating talk about how astronomers observe the stars beyond our system. There was also a series of activities in the Cavendish, that were a fun and interesting way to conclude the trip.

Getting on the bus home I was exhausted, but grateful for being given the chance to go out on this amazing and inspiring day. It was nice to see how the other half lived…