26 February 2016

Headteacher Blog – Marie George, headteacher of the Stockland Green School

I was once asked during a visit to one of our partner primary schools, what was the unique selling point of Stockland Green School. What a great question from a 10 year old! With thirty expectant faces looking at me, I certainly felt put on the spot. Yet, after a moment’s deliberation, the answer came to me: our school feels like a family. Visitors to Stockland Green always comment on the warmth of students and staff, the intimate atmosphere and the overall  friendliness they encounter, particularly as we’re a relatively small secondary school.

And that’s why transition will always be a key priority at Stockland Green, because we want our youngsters to experience our ethos, and feel confident and cared for as they start their new life with us.

So what do we do?  We provide our partner primary schools with numerous opportunities for their children to come to Stockland Green School and work with our staff.  This enables them to familiarise themselves with our wonderful building and state of the art facilities, as well as experiencing high quality lessons from numerous subject specialists.  Only this week, we celebrated the end of our Year 5 Creative Minds project.  Students participated in a six week programme where they spend half a day each week developing their knowledge and skills in a range of curriculum subjects.  The sound of laughter, as the youngsters made explosions in science, completed films in drama and choreographed their own dance routines with our PE department, filled the school and were a delight to hear.

We celebrated their achievements in a presentation evening with their parents and carers which was planned and compered by some of our Year 8 students who supported the Creative Minds programme.  The students all developed their personal skills and attributes and thoroughly enjoyed this opportunity.

This is one of the many ways we support transition to ‘big school’ at Stockland Green.   Once we get our list in March of our new Year 7 intake, then our transition team will be poised and ready to ensure we know our newest additions  well, so that we can ensure in September ‘we hit the ground running’ and our students feel confident, happy and able to thrive in their new family.