26 October 2016

Hill West pupils perfect pumpkin designs for Halloween

Jeepers Creepers! Children at Hill West Primary School have been getting into the spirit of Halloween by carving out some scary pumpkins for an Arthur Terry Learning Partnership inter-schools competition.

From vampires to cats, skulls to spiders, pupils have been embracing the chilling challenge wholeheartedly and have been sharing the spooky secrets behind their deadly designs with terrified teachers at the school.


Headteacher, Dr Beth Clarke, said:

Pumpkins have taken over our school this week – they’re lurking behind desks, in the playground and even in the library – and our pupils are taking great pleasure in scaring the teachers!

Children have enjoyed stretching their imaginations with some truly inventive and creepy creations.

They’ve entered into the partnership competition wholeheartedly and the whole theme of Halloween has really taken seed at Hill West.”

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Blake Rickwood, age four, said: “I made my pumpkin with Grampy and Daddy, he’s got triangle eyes.”

Jack Buxton, age six, said: “My mummy and daddy helped me make a cat pumpkin for school.  I really like Halloween because I like to get some sweets.”

Abi Plimmer, age 10, said “My pumpkin was black with a skull and crossbones on it.  I had to paid it and my dad helped.”

Annaika Manu, age nine, said: “My pumpkin was a vampire and I used one of my mum’s old t-shirts to make a cape, also I had to carve the teeth by drawing them first and then using a knife to carve them.”

Dominic Longmore, age nine, said: “I stitched the pumpkin’s face with a wire I took from a plug and made it look like it was being sick by using the pumpkin seeds.  It had fiery eyes too.”