01 March 2018

It’s a rap! Mere Green’s e-safety song debuts online

Safety savvy pupils at Mere Green’s Primary School have been practising their rhythm and rhyme by creating a catchy rap to raise e-safety awareness.

As part of their e-safety learning, year 2 pupils have collectively written a performed a short rap entitled: ‘Stay Safe Online’.

Higher level teaching assistant, Leanne Hale, said:

We wanted a memorable and fun way to learn and share information about staying safe online and class 2B thought that a rap would be a great way of strengthening their knowledge and understanding of the subject.

I didn’t realise we had so many budding lyricists and performers at our school – they could certainly give Big Shaq a run for his money! We hope this tune will stay in their minds and remind them to stay safe online. We like to stand out at Mere Green and this rap could definitely be our new school anthem!”

Year 2 pupil, Jacob Evans, said: “We know how to stay safe online and we enjoyed making up our rap.”

‘Stay Safe Online’

Music and lyrics by class 2B, Mere Green Primary School
See that girl in the park? Well she’s not real.
The internet’s not safe, how do you feel?
When you get that funny feeling in your tum, pick up the phone you’d betta tell someone.
Tell your Mom or tell your Dad; if you don’t tell someone it will be really bad.
What can you do? I don’t know.
Don’t tell your personal information, keep it safe!
Don’t say your name when playing a game.
If you do, there might be a stranger, that could lead you to danger.

To view the song please visit https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KRKkvBdWFY4&feature=youtu.be