17 March 2016

Key training event seals Partnership’s commitment to quality governance


The ATLP’s wide-scale trustee and governor training event attracts more than 60 members.

Representatives from all schools meet for the twice yearly training event, which is designed to provide comprehensive training across the Partnership. Previous learning sessions included ‘The Role of the Trust Board’ ‘Finance’ and ‘Governance’.

The Trust Board, known as directors, oversees the activities of the ATLP. They meet on a regular basis to provide strategic management and leadership of the partnership and are assisted in the role by local governing bodies at each school. Each school retains its own local governing body and headteacher. The board is made up of trustees and chairs of governors. The local governing bodies, Trust Board and headteachers meet regularly at a local level and meet twice yearly for wider training and development.

During the training, Tim Sewell, chair of the ATLP Trust Board, talks to members about the positive achievements of the partnership and the benefits of working together. He tells members that the governing body will “continue to challenge ourselves.”

Mr Sewell said:

It’s about mutual support, growing and nurturing our own talent and providing professional development for everyone.”

He added that the ATLP would endeavour to promote transparency and maintain robust accountability and financial probity.  A National Leader of Education. He said:

Our trustees and governors play a vital role in the leadership of our schools and the partnership and have a shared moral purpose to provide outstanding education for all.

These comprehensive training and development sessions are essential in order to maintain the highest educational standards for our learning community. By coming together as a wider group, we can share ideas, values and best practice to ensure we continue to provide quality leadership across our family of schools.”