27 September 2016

Meet the office managers

One moment they’re managing a team or supporting the leadership group– the next, they’re feeding a tank of peckish eels (well, somebody needs to ensure Slade’s endangered creatures make it to the Sargasso Sea).  

This is the diverse and never dull role of the school office manager. Their responsibilities cover many different areas, including: implementing and updating policies and procedures; finance and HR, managing staff; and organising whole school events.

Quite simply: they keep the eels turning smoothly in our schools and act as a central point of contact for all staff.

Office managers from each ATLP school meet regularly to share ideas and best practice and to work together to ensure that our schools run efficiently – both individually and as a partnership.

Alison East, Slade’s office manager said:

Meeting collectively is beneficial on a number of levels. We have started to have representation from the partnership team at our meetings, which has been very useful as they update us on changes, guide us on how to manage processes and are a sounding block for our queries. 

As a group, we get to swap knowledge and use each other’s skills to complement our own: bouncing ideas off each other, aiming to ensure consistency across the partnership, and taking ideas that have worked in the other schools back to our fantastic teams in school. Along with friendship, tea and cakes!”