14 March 2016

Our first term as assistant headteachers

Farzana Hanif and Kerriann Morris, assistant headteachers, Slade Primary School.

In the autumn of 2015 Slade Primary School welcomed two experienced teachers and senior leaders to its team as assistant headteachers. HereFarzana and Kerriann talk about their first term in post.

Farzana Hanif

Farzana’s career has included prominent positions in teaching and leadership in Sheffield and Rotherham, and she has recently completed her MA in Education. Her “stimulating” and wide-ranging new role involves leading KS2 and Maths across Slade.

She said:

My first term at Slade has been really exciting. I have built a strong relationship with staff and children. We have a fantastic team, whereby everyone shares the same ethos that children enjoy, achieve and succeed. Collectively we are working on building our relationships with parents too and involving them in sharing children’s learning experiences. Working with the children at Slade is a rewarding experience. They are very polite and friendly and eager to talk about their learning. I feel really fortunate to work at Slade and look forward to continuing my career here.”

A highly motivated and self-driven leader who progressed to the role of assistant headteacher at her former school, Farzana said: “I am particularly passionate about the exciting challenges we face and how to overcome these.”

She added:

I aim to work with the staff, children, parents and governors to strengthen our current successes and to identify next steps to develop. I will work with the SLT team to focus on ensuring we have consistency in terms of expectations, quality of teaching and learning and marking and feedback. It is a brilliant school and I think we will go from strength to strength.”

 Kerriann Morris


Kerriann has worked in key teaching and leadership positions across Birmingham and Staffordshire. She describes her role at Slade as “active” and “exciting” and, as part of her diverse remit, Kerriann leads EYFS and KS1, as well as being English subject leader.

She said:

My first term at Slade has been exciting, varied and rewarding. I am so fortunate to work with such a great staff team who have welcomed me into the Slade family and have the same vision that I have for our pupils – to ensure every single child enjoys learning and achieves their best, no matter what.

The children have also been so warm and welcoming. They always greet us with a friendly smile and have so much to say about all of the wonderful learning they have been doing in class. It has been a pleasure to see children so engaged in their work and so happy to talk about it. There is nothing better than looking forward to coming to work in the morning; I’m so lucky to work in a school that makes me feel that way.”

Having settled into the role, Kerriann’s plans for the year ahead include working with the other SLT members, staff, parents and governors of Slade on its journey forward.

She added:

It’s such a wonderful school and we are looking to ensure that we continue all of the hard work that has happened so far to really fulfil the potential we have here. I cannot wait for each step along the way!”