27 November 2015

Interim CEO Sally Taylor – Part of the Family

During the holiday I was lucky enough to witness cranes migrating in rural France. What drew my attention to this first was the noise that they all made as they constantly talk to each other. Second was the formation that they flew in. That well known V shape with each taking a turn near the front, as they tired, moving to the back and how they obviously looked out for each other all the time on the massive journey they were undertaking to Southern Spain. What I didn’t know was that as they get ready to migrate, they go and collect each other having spent the summer in their own small units. There are some similarities with the Arthur Terry Learning Partnership, I am discovering.

Family is very important to me. I have been welcomed into the Arthur Terry Learning Partnership family. This could have been very difficult as I know I am following someone who was loved and revered by so many and who has given so many years of leadership to the Arthur Terry school community and then moved became the chief executive of the ATLP. Each school who joined the trust created their own unique relationship with Sir Chris and were embraced into the family and felt those strong arms wrap around them. Chris has now moved onto a new opportunity in Dubai and many have felt a sense of loss at his departure. The foundations for the partnership are very secure, just like a family, people have been nurtured, protected and challenged as they have grown and now the partnership has the opportunity to continue to grow and fly under new leadership.

I have six children who range in age from 36 down to 21 and currently five grandchildren from the age of 14 to two.  They keep me grounded. They all live in different places and some have greater needs than others and those needs are greater at different times. They have a sense of duty and love to each other and in times of crisis and celebration come together to support and challenge each other. And so it is with the ATLP. I am a temporary member of the family, but I will do everything I can to work with you all to secure the best possible permanent leadership for the future. I am well supported by Tim Sewell and the Trust Board. Each individual headteacher and the central support team will have opportunities to shape and develop the partnership as it moves into the next exciting stage. The interim arrangements with Anna Balson as strategic lead primary, Neil Warner as strategic lead secondary and Jonathan Smart taking on strategic lead performance and standards will strengthen senior leadership in the partnership.

I am honored to be part of these exciting times and look forward to meeting you and understanding what being part of the Arthur Terry Learning Partnership means to you, what you gain from it and what you can offer to it.