School to school support


It is only by working together and sharing our knowledge that we can truly create a world-class schools system in today’s rapidly changing world of education. 

The ATLP is delighted to be working with a number of schools, both as part of the partnership and across a much wider network of schools.

Our well-established and respected partnership comprises seven schools, all of which share the same commitment to providing outstanding education to young people. Our steady development has enabled us to become a much stronger partnership, which means that we are able to offer greater opportunities to even more people.

The Arthur Terry National Teaching School underpins the work of the ATLP. It is training the next generation of teachers and works across a teaching alliance of 22 schools that stretches across the Midlands.

We’re also proud of our growing numbers of system leaders, including national and specialist leaders. These experts are deployed into other schools to help raise standards and improve performance.

Most recently, we have been appointed by Birmingham Education Partnership (BEP) as the School Improvement Partner to another Sutton Coldfield secondary school – John Willmott School.We’re excited to be supporting the school and are confident that, together, we will create a positive impact on the school’s learning community.

These are just some of the ways in which we collaborate with other educators to bring about school improvement, not just in our own academies, but across a much wider network. We will update these pages with examples of how schools can benefit (and how we also benefit) by working with the ATLP.

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