21 March 2016

Science STEMs success


From plasticine boats to mini engines – model students at the Coleshill school have been busy shaping their futures during ‘British Science Week’.

Throughout the week, the school set various science projects for students, including Year 8’s plasticine boat and Year 9’s marshmallow challenges.  Students were also involved in a national science quiz and poster competition.

Under the dome


Year 10 students started the week with a geodesic dome challenge, led by Year 13 students.  The project involved rolling large numbers of newspapers into tubes of different lengths, then following the mathematical instructions to build a geodesic dome.

A range of opportunities


Year 8 students visited Land Rover, where they had a tour around the Castle Bromwich factory floor to see first-hand how Range Rovers are manufactured using ‘just in time’ production lines.  They also took part in hands-on activities to give them a feel for what a career in engineering could entail.

Selected year 9 and year 10 students took part in the national biology challenge, where they competed against schools across the country in an online biology quiz which covers GCSE biology ideas, as well as general knowledge about British natural history.

The ‘Big Bang’ theory


STEM Club students visited the ‘Big Bang Fair’ at the NEC, a celebration of science, technology, engineering and maths, which included taking part in experiments and activities, such as building a gravity racer and walking through a wind tunnel.

Building aspiration

STEM-Engine_Building_2     STEM_Engine_Building

The week ended with an invited guest, Simon Laird, enthused students with an engine building project. Two groups of year 11 students built a mini engine using parts provided and learnt about the inner working of the combustion engine. Students  were chosen based on their aspirations to follow careers in mechanics, engineering or design through apprenticeships or university courses. This enrichment session gave the students valuable hands-on experience to aid their future careers.

Science teacher, Ms Rollason, said:

The week has been an opportunity to involve all our students in the exciting diverse world of science and show them how everyone can enjoy it.   We run a weekly STEM Club, which is very popular with our students and local primary children, who, this year, have taken part in a number of projects in both maths and in science, including ‘The Gambia’ link project with students in our partner school.  The STEM club is growing every year and there will be more exciting activities to look forward to!”