27 February 2018

Stem Faraday Challenge winners

A team of six year 8 students from the Coleshill School took part in the annual IET (The Institution of Engineering and Technology) Faraday Challenge Day on Monday 26 February.

The event was held at CTC Kingshurst Academy, with teams from CTC, John Henry Newman and the Coleshill School competing in the competition.  The event, aimed at 12-13 year-olds, included teams of six competing against one another to see who could design, create and promote the best solution to a given challenge.  The challenges are genuine, real-life engineering problems and the teams were challenged to create a new ride for Thorpe Park.

The top five teams from across the UK get an all-expenses paid trip to the national final in July to compete for a cash prize of up to £1,000 for their school.

Kathryn Rollason, second in Science, said:

There were some brilliant ideas and great designs.  The teams worked really hard and had to present a business case for their design.  All the teams did brilliantly well, but the overall winners were the Coleshill School, who won a trophy.  We are so proud of them.”