06 July 2017

The art of learning – Slade celebrates identity with a week of creativity

On the 19th June, Slade Primary School, part of the ATLP, got creative and had a fabulous week learning all about each other. The school had an entire week devoted to developing children’s art skills through the key theme of ‘Celebrating Identity’.

Children had opportunities to understand more about themselves and those around them. Religion was a key part of the week and classes had a different faith to study which they looked at in great detail. In welcoming cross-curricular links within art, Slade were able to achieve further coverage of the curriculum.

The brains behind this wonderful week was Slade’s own Parwy Mehmi who leads on Art across the school. Parwy has worked at Slade since September 2015, where she joined as an NQT and in her second year has undertaken the role of Art Lead. Parwy has been part of the Arthur Terry Teaching School’s NQT +1 programme and her entire presentation and project for the year has focused around developing a love of art at school.

Parwy commented:

I would to like motivate others to be passionate about the arts, after all it is one of the best methods of expression. By developing creative skills and nurturing talent we can provide our children with the best possible start in life.”

The journey to this week began back in March where Parwy organised an art morning for Mother’s Day. The school focused on sketching portraits and developing patterns. This provided opportunities for everyone to experiment through the skill of drawing. Both children and parent’s had a wonderful time creating art together, this even allowed parent’s to show off their skills!

Aroosa’s Islamic art

Kian and Kamari’s sketches through a viewfinder


Parwy said: “There is now a wonderful gallery of art work created from this event in the main corridor. It showcases art from across the school from Nursery to year 6.”

Art week has also been amazing, everyone embraced art in such a terrific way. There was a new found confidence in our teaching staff and also a positive learning atmosphere which enabled creativity and engagement.

Leading up to the event, Parwy also led a CPD event for teachers on embedding the skill of drawing. She said: “I dedicated time in guiding staff; step-by-step modelling of skills enabled them to see how art could be taught. Each year group was assigned a faith to focus on and ideas of how to link art with religion were provided. These ideas supported teachers in delivering lessons with greater confidence.”

The week also included children visiting local places of worship where sketching from observation were great highlights, allowing Slade to utilise the rich culture around them.

Headteacher Helen Hastilow said:

We are extremely lucky to have a leader like Parwy who is so passionate about her subject and this passion is infectious! All of the staff enjoyed the week and the work produced was phenomenal”

Talking about the future, Helen added: “Parwy has even bigger and better plans for next year, there is no doubt that this is the first of many events we will see.”

The next big project sees Slade working within the local community on a bridge project. The children will be creating mosaics which will be displayed on Slade Road.