04 December 2017

‘The Coleshill School has the capacity to become outstanding,’ education leader finds.

The Coleshill School, part of the respected Arthur Terry Learning Partnership (ATLP) is continuing to make exceptional progress, after being judged as, ‘having the capacity to become outstanding at its next Ofsted inspection.’

Those are the professional findings of respected national leader of education and education consultant, Christine Owen OBE, who carried out a review of the rapidly improving secondary school last month.

Christine’s glowing report describes Coleshill as, a very good school with some outstanding features,’ and praises the outstanding teaching practices, strong leadership and consistently good behaviour of students. It also comments on the, vast amount of excellent, embedded practice seen throughout the school.’

Christine is the former headteacher of the outstanding Bartley Green School. She has been working as a school improvement partner (SIP) with Coleshill since it joined the ATLP in 2015. The now oversubscribed academy achieved its best ever Ofsted just one year later, propelling the school to ‘good’ with record-breaking results and student numbers.

She was asked by headteacher Ian Smith-Childs to visit the school in November to judge whether Coleshill is still continuing its journey of improvement. The day consisted of four learning walks with senior leaders, a meeting with a group of Year 11 boys and feedback/discussion with the headteacher and deputy heads.

She reports,

In my judgment, this is now a very good school with some outstanding features, which I am confident, will continue to develop still further. It certainly has the capacity to become outstanding at its next inspection, if it continues to be as reflective and cognisant of its own strengths and areas for development, and as effective in addressing them.’

Other positive findings include the, ‘really good climate and ethos in the school and classrooms’ and ‘consistently good behaviour of students.’

She adds:

Students are enjoying their lessons. They are engaged, keen and willing participants in their learning. They are proud of their school and are themselves, a credit to the school.’

Christine also highlights the school’s ‘effective continuing professional development’ and its ‘significant effect on learning in school.’ She adds, ‘CPD has also impacted on individual teachers. The quality of teaching is consistently good with some outstanding practice seen during the day.’

Commenting on headteacher Ian Smith-Childs who was praised by Ofsted for his strong leadership skills, Christine finds,

The leadership of senior staff and the headteacher is excellent and continues to develop.’ She adds: ‘The humanity and skill shown by them is reflected in the superb ethos they have created amongst the students and the staff.’

Headteacher Ian Smith-Childs is delighted with the findings. “This is such favourable feedback from a credible and inspirational leader who recognises just what we’re achieving at Coleshill.

“When you’re making significant advances as a school it could be easy to become complacent and we want to ensure that we are continuing to escalate. This is why it was important to gain the valued judgement of a ‘critical friend’ to validate our work, to check that we are still aiming high enough, that we have the ambition and capacity to progress even further.

I am so privileged and proud to be the headteacher. Chris is right – the students are a credit to us and their futures are full of possibility.”

Christine concludes her report with,

It was a privilege to visit the school on this occasion and to reflect back to my first visit. This is a different school. I would be very pleased to send my own child here.’