17 March 2017

Top Governor Mark for Mere Green Primary

An outstanding primary school is continuing to thrive, after being awarded a top national accolade for its “high quality governance.”

Mere Green Primary School, which is part of the respected Arthur Terry Learning Partnership, has been awarded Governor Mark, a nationally recognised external verification of quality of governance.

The award marks a hat-trick of success for the school, which has enjoyed an outstanding Ofsted grading, national leader of governance award and a national governor mark.

Chair of governors, Maxine Rowley (pictured above shaking hands with Andrew Mitchell MP) who was made a national leader of governance last this year for her exceptional leadership and governance skills, said: “This is a fantastic achievement for the whole school community and I would like to thank all the staff, governors, pupils and parents who have made this possible.

All members of the governing body here have worked incredibly hard together with leaders to secure the best possible outcomes for the school. The Governor Mark is truly deserved because at the heart of this school are people who genuinely care about giving young people the very best start in life.”  

Maxine Ward, on behalf of Governor Mark, said this was an opportunity for the school to: “celebrate all the good work you do. We congratulate you on the high quality of governance demonstrated by the local governing body (LGB).

She said that they were particularly impressed with:  “The best practice seen in the LGB’s commitment, ambition and understanding as to what governance contributes to successful schools.  There is a five-year plan, an understanding of how the Trust Board works with the LGB and regular reporting.

 “The way the LGB uses its professional knowledge and skill to support its contribution to the school’s leadership. Governors’ clear understanding of their school’s progress and why the SEF now grades pupil outcomes as ‘outstanding’.”

She added that: “There were many other areas of strength.”

Heateacher Anna Balson, who led Mere Green to its outstanding Ofsted grading in 2015, said: “

This award marks yet another milestone for the school. At Mere Green, leaders are privileged to be supported by a progressive and effective team of volunteer governors who devote their time and service to our families – and I’m incredibly proud of what we’re all building here.”

The Governor Mark recognition, demonstrates ATLP’s commitment to providing quality leadership and governance and to working collectively to maintain high standards across the partnership. The ATLP runs comprehensive governor and trust board training sessions twice yearly for all seven schools, so that teams can come together to share best practice and to learn from each other.

National leader of education, Richard Gill, CEO of the ATLP, said: “I’m proud that Mere Green’s high standards in governance and hard work and dedication have been acknowledged at a national level. This team of professionals are committed to ensuring that the school’s community benefits from excellent learning opportunities. I’m delighted that Mere Green joins another ATLP school – Hill West – in achieving Governor Mark status.”