28 September 2018

A busy start to the term at Arthur Terry

By Samantha Kibble, Associate Headteacher

The summer may seem like a distant memory now as our new year 7 students settle in to the school.  We work hard to ensure that there are a wide range of transition opportunities throughout their time at primary school. Students take part in cluster days, induction days and also a summer school so that all students feel prepared for the first step of their secondary school journey.

An integral group of students who also support with transition is our ‘Big School’ team. These are a group of students from years 7-11 whose aim is to make transition from primary to secondary as enjoyable as possible.  They have their own website which has lots of information about getting to know more about life at Arthur Terry. There are also lots of useful tips on this website such as tutor time competitions and quizzes.

We welcomed a range of visitors to the school for our open evening and afternoon a few weeks ago. This is always one of my highlights and as a headteacher as it is an opportunity for us to showcase the school.

There was a hive of activity and from the moment that parents and prospective students walked through the door, they were greeted by our school ambassadors who helped with the tours of the school.

Visitors went round to each department and were greeted by staff and student helpers who are so proud of what life is like here at Arthur Terry. As well as solving mysteries, future students were able to race each other in the Greenpower room, partake in sport and food demonstrations, watch experiments in science, and create their own seismometer in geography.

We also had a range of events from, performers in the atrium to the maths based mystery of “who had stolen Mr Ball’s cat” (the answer was myself). The senior school leaders’ spoke eloquently and professionally about their own experiences, again demonstrating the wonderful times & opportunities they have had here at Arthur Terry. The atmosphere and buzz of the evening, the welcoming and smiling nature of the staff and the helpfulness of the students encapsulates what we are about.

Whilst we have no doubt that deciding on a secondary school is a daunting and difficult task, our open evening and afternoon will hopefully have made that process easier and demonstrated that Arthur Terry is a very special place.