A new vision

By Suzie Norton, Headteacher, William MacGregor Primary School 

2019 has been very exciting for William MacGregor Primary School; we have introduced our 1:1 iPad vision in Year 3. We hoped that our new vision would eliminate the four walls of the classroom and make learning individualised to overcome barriers to learning. The class received their iPads in April and it has been a turning point in their education because of their new found love for learning and higher levels of engagement.

Miss Cumiskey (Year 3 Class Teacher and IT Lead) has noticed a big difference in lower achieving children because they now have tools that help them to overcome difficulties they previously found with learning and there has also been a big change of attitude for previous ‘reluctant writers’ as they now enjoy writing especially when they are able to do it on the iPads. The levels of progress that this class have made this year has been phenomenal and the iPads have been a huge factor in this happening.

There has been lots of positive feedback from parents because they have enjoyed the children sharing their work with them on a daily basis. We also hosted a fantastic parent workshop where the children were able to share a more creative side of using technology whereby they created a cartoon of themselves with their parents.

In 2019/2020, we will be going 1:2 from Year 2 to Year 6. We believe this is the right thing to do as it means more children are going to benefit from using the iPad to enhance learning. After this next step, we will then continue working towards 1:1 in each class.