17 March 2016

ATLP governors are national leaders

In 2015 two outstanding chairs of governors from the Arthur Terry Learning Partnership have were appointed as national leaders by the government’s National College for Teaching and Leadership.


Andrew Staples

Andrew Staples, of Hill West Primary and Maxine Rowley, of Mere Green Primary, were made National Leaders of Governance, due to their exceptional leadership and governance skills.

The pair use their expertise and experience to support chairs of governors at other schools to improve performance. They will also contribute to raising standards in their own schools by providing support and challenge to their headteacher and senior leaders and by developing their governing bodies.

Both Andrew and Maxine work with other governors to oversee the management and operation of their individual schools, with the aim of improving the quality of education and raising standards.

Their role is in addition to their full-time professional work, with both chairs volunteering through a shared desire to ensure that all children have access to excellent education, beginning in primary school.

Andrew’s longstanding career in education, includes 15 years as a teacher.  He works developing individual programmes to support teachers, learners and leadership teams across Walsall, Wolverhampton and Birmingham.

Under his leadership, Hill West achieved Governor Mark in 2014, a nationally recognised external verification of quality of governance. Andrew is actively supporting Birmingham Governor Services and schools across the city that are interested in achieving the Mark or in reviewing their own governing board.

He said:

Having the right people with the right skills around the table is the key to the success of the governing body, the school and ultimately the individual children.

It is a huge privilege to be given the opportunity to support chairs building and leading the team of governors, working with the headteacher and leading the work of the governing body.”

Maxine is a senior commissioning manager for primary care, having worked in the NHS for the last 25 years.

Maxine Rowley

She said:

I feel very humble to be part of a progressive leadership team that has supported Mere Green to achieve Outstanding in a recent Ofsted visit. The staff and governors all believe and are accountable in their roles to achieve our school values.

As a governor I am a ‘critical friend’. As a team, we do challenge the school leadership and remain engaged in a supportive, effective and respectful manner. This leads to open, honest and transparency to achieve our goals.”

These latest national accolades and the Governor Mark recognition, demonstrate the Arthur Terry Learning Partnership’s (ATLP) commitment to providing quality leadership and governance and to working collectively to maintain high standards across the partnership. The ATLP runs comprehensive governor and trust board training sessions twice yearly for all seven schools, so that teams can come together to share best practice and to learn from each other.

Tim Sewell, chair of the ATLP Trust Board, said:

These appointments reflect both Andrew and Maxine’s high standards in governance and the hard work and dedication they have delivered, alongside their governing bodies and school communities. I’m delighted that their achievements have been recognised at this level and that they can now share their expertise to help raise standards in other schools.

Schools must have a solid foundation of quality leadership and governance in order to provide outstanding education. Across the ATLP, we are fortunate to have a team of dedicated professionals who share our vision of creating an excellent learning environment and who volunteer their services to help us to achieve those goals.”