20 March 2018

Celebrating STEM Week


Students at the Coleshill School enjoyed a full week of exciting Science activities as part of British Science Week.  Throughout the week various challenges were set including a ‘Plasticine Boat Challenge for year 8 students and a ‘Spaghetti Tower Challenge’ for year 9 students.

Selected year 9 students also took part in a Jaguar Land Rover visit, discussing the different apprenticeship options available in the company. The students then took part in a poster competition to share this information with their peers – the best ones are now displayed in the school career area. Year 7 took part in a forensics session were they had to use their critical skills as well as their scientific technique to solve a crime.

Year 10 students took part in a ‘real-life’ crime scene, analysing blood splatter, fingerprinting, weapon imprints and  ballistics. Students enjoyed dressing up and using real equipment to read the evidence left by the perpetrator.

Year 7 students were visited by Jaguar Land Rover where they used real laboratory equipment to study different materials used in vehicles and test its density and hardness. They also enjoyed using a powerful microscope to look at the fine structure of metals.

Selected year 8, 9 and year 10 students took part in the national Biology Challenge, where they competed against schools across the country in an online biology quiz which covers GCSE biology ideas as well as general knowledge about British natural history.

STEM Club students visited the Big Bang Fair at the NEC, a celebration of science, technology, engineering and maths, which included taking part in experiments and activities such as building a gravity racer, walking through a wind tunnel and rocket building. The STEM club also took part in a five week challenge to build a machine to transport an egg across a bottomless cavern. The final was held and the winning team – ‘Team Egg’ was crowned after developing a sophisticated crane method of transporting their egg.

The week ended with an invited guests, Mr Chris Webb who delivered a session on alternative routes into Engineering to Year 11 students and the team from Arconica who spoke to the Applied Science year 12 class about engineering and apprenticeships. Students were chosen based on their aspirations to follow careers in mechanics, engineering or design through apprenticeships or university courses after leaving school. This enrichment session gave the students a valuable hands-on experience to aid their future careers.

Ms Rollason, STEM Coordinator said: “The week has been an opportunity to involve all our students in the exciting diverse world of science, technology and maths and show them how everyone can enjoy it.   We run a weekly STEM Club which is very popular with our students and local primary children who this year have taken part in a number of projects in both maths and in science, most recently transporting an egg across an obstacle course without breaking it.  The STEM club is growing every year and there will be more exciting activities later in the year to look forward to!”