07 April 2017

CEO Message – A continuous cycle of improvement

By Richard Gill

At Hill West, around 30 new chicks have hatched, right on cue for Easter. Their arrival has been met with ‘awe and wonder’ by the KS1 pupils who are discovering all about life cycles.

These children are learning that where there is growth, there is change. And it is how we respond to this change that helps shape us as people.

Last month, year 6s found out which secondary school places they have been offered for September. As educators and parents, it is our duty to make the process as positive as possible and the ATLP’s new Transition Guarantee programme aims to provide all children at our schools with the same high quality transition experience: www.atlp.org/transitionguarantee

Another group of students who are preparing to fly the nest are our year 13s who are entering the exam season in preparation for the next stage in their lives, be it university, training or employment.

We can learn a lot from these two groups of students as they embrace a new era with resilience and optimism. As a family of schools, we wish them the greatest of success as we guide them on their journeys, in the hope that their time with us will have a lasting influence on the rest of their lives.

Like those children, our capacity for change is stronger when we are supported – this togetherness is what makes the ATLP go round. Working collectively in a positive and nurturing environment as a family of schools is a constant.”

The feedback we are receiving from the staff wellbeing groups is encouraging.  By listening to you and supporting you in your work, we can enhance the fantastic jobs you do each day.

We share the principal value of providing quality education to all. However, school improvement is a continuous cycle and, recently, the ATLP has participated in and hosted a number of national education events, which re-iterate the need for greater collaboration.

As a partnership, we continue to evolve to meet the ever-shifting educational landscape. We are in the process of welcoming new partners, which will bring even greater scope and stability to our MAT – we will update you on this over the coming months.

As we head into the Easter break, I would like to thank all staff for their contributions this term and for teaching our children that education, throughout all of its different phases, is a life-changing experience and one from which we all grow.