22 June 2018

Children’s favourite reads inspire school’s new library sculpture


A fresh perspex-ive on classic books

A mammoth new art installation inspired by the joy of reading has been unveiled at Mere Green Primary School’s new library. The show-stopping sculpture of stained-glass style perspex panels is a dazzling patchwork of book-inspired artwork, lovingly created by children and parents. Now families are being invited to “check out” their masterpieces at a series of launch events next month.

The colourful sculpture was originally based on another school library piece created by a talented local artist, Lindsay Chalford-Brown. Lindsay has worked with the library team and staff, enabling staff to lead parental workshops themselves.

For more than a year, children from every year group, from nursery to year 6, have created art pieces based on their favourite books with their parents. The school wanted to involve the whole Mere Green family, so governors and local businesses also attended to reflect on their favourite books. These workshops were supported by a team of motivated pupil leaders in years 5 and 6, and by dedicated members of the school’s library and community team, Lis Blizzard and Claudia Robinson.

Next month, families will be able to attend parent afternoons where they can read in the library and outdoor space, spot their work and appreciate the other book-themed art pieces, which include classics such as ‘The Gruffalo’ ‘Matilda’ and ‘Harry Potter’.

Aimee Bursnell, phase leader and English lead practitioner at Mere Green, which is part of the ATLP, said:

The pupil leaders displayed exceptional leadership skills and their enthusiasm was infectious to all involved.

We’re blown away by the sculpture! Only a year ago, the corridor was simply a practical thoroughfare but it has been transformed.

The reaction of the children and staff has exceeded expectations. Many now say it’s their favourite area of school because they spot new books to discuss and ponder each time they walk below. It’s a really inspirational place. The project has been a fantastic opportunity to bring the whole Mere Green family together to share and inspire a love of reading. Families have been really supportive throughout the process; they have dedicated quality time to our workshops and clearly share the value we place on reading. We can’t wait to open our library doors for these sneak previews in July.”