Coleshill students think ‘big’ to save the planet

Young innovators from the Coleshill School teamed up with businesses and community partners this week in a bid to create solutions to some of the world’s biggest environmental issues.

Students took part in a workshop with ‘Solutions for the Planet’, a social enterprise that promotes education for sustainable development, social enterprise, along with science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM) careers for young people.

Working in teams of six, students were encouraged to identify some of the biggest problems with the planet, with particular focus on sustainability and the environment. Supported by business mentors from both Tarmac and Brammer, Buck and Hickman, groups were then motivated to create their own solutions – or ‘Big Ideas’ – for these problems.

Firstly, students had to develop their communication and teamwork skills to identify the consequences of some of the most important environmental concerns, including energy, waste, water and biodiversity. They then had to decide how humans contributed to this problem through problem solving activities. Finally, with the support of the dedicated industry mentors, students were tasked with creating their own unique and innovative solutions and inventions, before presenting their ideas to the whole room.

Abbie Barnett of Tarmac said:

I feel privileged to have worked with such a fantastic group of students, exploring their ideas and developing their understanding of sustainability.  It’s been amazing!”

Jeremy Newman of Brammer Buck and Hickman said:

It was great to see all the brilliant ideas the students thought of, their engaged attitude and interest in engineering was very impressive.”

Science teacher, Miss Duffield, said:

Today has been a fantastic opportunity for our students to get involved with solving real problems that they feel passionately about. They have worked with mentors from local industries and showcased how innovative and creative they can be and they have not disappointed. I’m so proud of our students in Years 7, 8 and 9 at how well they embraced the teambuilding.”