07 July 2016

Dressed for success – model students are work ready with KPMG


It was a mannequin Monday when this week when these model year 10 Coleshill School students took part in a ‘dummy’ work run.

The enterprising students participated in the KPMG ‘Work Ready’ workshop. This enabled them to explore employability skills in a hands-on, interactive, fun and challenging manner.

The workshops were led by three highly experienced facilitators who ensured that all the students participated in the challenges.  During the session, students worked in teams of six; they were assigned a mannequin and were tasked with creating a new young person.  They gave their mannequin personal skills and relevant qualifications in order to ensure that they were employable.

Students learnt the skills and requirements that they need to develop in order to ensure that they are Work Ready.  Following the session students then worked on their own CVs and explored their personal options for careers.

Mrs Bott, assistant headteacher, said:

I really want to thank the team at KPMG for making this session so enjoyable and interesting. It has been a fantastic opportunity for our Year 10 students who are about to go on their work experience placements.  It has made them really think about what career paths to choose and what is required when applying for jobs, and going for interviews.”