20 March 2017

Erdington students share their “wisdom” with Jack Dromey MP during school visit

Articulate Stockland Green School students have been praised by Erdington MP Jack Dromey for their wise words – after the Labour politician spent the afternoon at the academy last Friday.

The MP had previously met the young people in Westminster last month and kept his promise to visit the school to talk in greater depth about the issues affecting the students’ lives.

During a politically charged question and answer session, the students and MP discussed a number of topical and relevant issues including: mental health in young people, the voting age, refugees, education funding and anti-bullying.

Jack said:

I was impressed when I met these students for the first time. Now, after talking to them at length in their school, I am even more inspired by their level of understanding. It was wonderful to have the opportunity to discuss their concerns and listen to their suggestions as to how we can improve the lives of those around us.

These are some very switched-on and motivated young people who want to create a better future for our society and their viewpoints were refreshing and mature and I thank them for their wisdom. These young people get one chance in life and it is our duty to help them realise their full potential.”

The young people – who ranged from year 7 to year 11– included Lauren Bull (yearr11), who sits on the Arthur Terry Learning Partnership’s (ATLP) student leadership team. She asked about education funding and disadvantaged areas, while Jack Dromey spoke about the importance of bringing richly diverse communities – such as Stockland Green – together.

Lauren said:

It was great to actually hear an MP in action, to see them in person, rather than just a representation in the media.”

Acting headteacher Nicola Gould, who is set to meet with Schools Minister Nick Gibb MP this week, said:

We would like to thank Jack for keeping his promise to come back and see our students. It was a thought-provoking event and we were so proud of our students.

It served as a reminder that it is our responsibility to equip these young people with the right tools to make a difference. This begins by giving every child a quality education regardless of where they live. It is a privilege to teach such intelligent young people with strong values, who care passionately about their community and the wider world they are growing up in. As adults, we can learn so much from them too.”