Love song to Slade is smash hit with pupils

Slade Primary School’s Caroline Finn records the joy of children and staff when two musicians popped in to sing the praises of their former primary school. 

I will always love Slade yeah, never gonna get me down.” Poignant words resonating around my head today whilst I am writing about Slade Primary School’s star guests.

Brothers Michael and David Steer were once students at Slade in the 1970s. Last year we welcomed them back to Slade for the first time in 20 years for a school tour and a trip down memory lane.

Revisiting the classrooms, where they first discovered their passion for music, inspired them to return and perform a song that they’ve written about Slade, which the children embraced with gusto.

“I will always love Slade yeah, 

Nothing’s gonna get me down. 

I will always love Slade yeah, 

Get up when they knock me down!”

Michael and David then handed over the microphone to some very confident children from years 1-4, as they took to the stage and sang solo. Michael spoke of overcoming barriers and pushing yourself out of your comfort zones enjoy that sense of achievement.

David talked to the children about a mantra of life they use at his boxing school. He said:

You are nobody until you realise that everybody is somebody. To be a good person we have to respect, share and care.”

“Don’t you think it’s funny,

Life’s not just about money.

If we care and if we share,

There are problems we can bear.”

I think it’s safe to say that the children thoroughly enjoyed their music assembly this morning. The atmosphere in the hall was electric -everyone was feeling motivated to step out of their comfort zones and challenge themselves.

Headteacher Helen Hastilow said:The power of music brings the community together.”

Talking of their days at Slade Primary, David said it was at this school he first learnt to play the guitar. Michael described his days in nursery as having a place where they could all have a sleep and he: “enjoyed coming to school, learning, going home and watching TV.”

Michael left Slade Primary school in 1979. He then went on to have a very successful music career, drumming his way to the top 40 charts with his band ‘And Why Not?’.  He toured all over the 90s with the greats such as Aswad, UB40 and WET WET WET.

A huge thank you to David and Michael for revisiting our school today. We all left the hall buzzing full of energy, motivation and life.