12 May 2016

‘Miss Lichfield’ Hannah Foster

Former Arthur Terry student, Hannah Foster, has been turning heads being crowned as the new ‘Miss Lichfield’. The outstanding position was awarded to Hannah at St John’s House in Lichfield during a selection evening where she impressed the judging panel with her confidence and enthusiasm.

Through beauty and grace, Hannah took on her opponents in the competition and claimed her well-deserved win.

Alongside her new title, the former school-show-performer also won £1,000 in cash, £1,000 in hair care at salon NuYu and a custom-tailored dress designed by Bijou at No 15.

The bubbly 22-year-old attended Arthur Terry Sixth Form in 2011-12, where she studied Drama, English and Religious Studies.

Katie Millington spoke to Hannah about her exciting win.

How did you feel when being crowned the title of ‘Miss Lichfield’?

I was absolutely amazed – I couldn’t believe it! I genuinely thought they had got the name wrong because I really wasn’t expecting to win at all. It’s such an exciting opportunity.

Seems as if you’ve won some amazing prices. How will you spend your money?

Yeah the prizes are all incredible! It might sound boring but I’m planning on putting it in my savings to help me whilst I’m at open university when I can’t work as much! But any I have left over will definitely be spent on a shopping trip!

As Miss Lichfield, will you be partaking in any events coming up for the city?

My first main event is the Lichfield Bower on Bank Holiday Monday (30th May, 2016) where I will be part of the procession in a vintage car and will get crowned by the Mayer outside the guild hall.

It’s a great day so everyone that can should come! After that I will be going to events throughout the year representing Lichfield so I’m very excited about the people I will meet and the new experiences I am going to have.

Can you tell us a little about what you’re up to at the moment career-wise?

I’m currently working as a waitress at Miller and Carter, Sutton Park and I also work for my dad at ‘Chris Foster and daughters’ estate agent in Aldridge. I start an Open University degree in October as eventually I hope to be a primary school teacher.

I volunteer at Holland House Primary School every Monday to help with my hours towards my degree. This next 12 months will be even busier now I will be going to events and I am excited to see what opportunities I will have!

Tell us a little about your school days and how that has impacted you now.

Going to Arthur Terry was a great thing for me – I gained confidence through taking part in the school shows and doing my drama exams. I also got lots of help with applying for university so, now I know what I want to do, I’ve used the skills taught to me there to complete my application.

I met so many different people there so it’s helped me at work now to adapt my service to different customer profiles. I also met my closest friends at school and I am lucky enough to still see them all regularly and they have all been very supportive with my win over the weekend!

How did you find it transferring from a grammar school to an external in Arthur Terry for your sixth form studies?

Moving to Arthur Terry was the best move I made. Everyone was so welcoming and it was so easy to just fit in!

I enjoyed being able to take part in the school show, something that wasn’t on offer at a grammar school and there were lots more trips and opportunities.

Where do you see yourself in the future/what’s next for you?

I’m just looking forward to a very busy year as ‘Miss Lichfield’, I’m going to put my all into it, so I’m excited to see what comes of it.

I will be studying from October too ready to become a primary school teacher in the near future. I feel very lucky for the opportunities I have had and I am excited to see what the next year brings for me!

Congratulations to Hannah, and wishing her all the luck for her future