10 May 2016

One step ahead in the classroom

Animation and imagination: Ian Smith-Childs teaching history to year 7s

The Coleshill School’s headteacher, Ian Smith-Childs, reflects on why he still loves being in the classroom.

As a headteacher I really value the ‘teacher’ part of my role. It is such a privilege to be in a classroom with students helping them to learn. Earlier this year I gave a talk about ‘the magic of teaching’ to ATLP teachers. It is this magic that fires me up to make sure that our students have the very best teachers that we can find and to ensure that these teachers are trained and developed to deliver outstanding education.

Staying in the classroom, all be it for a small amount of lessons, means I can keep in touch with not only the students but teachers too. This year I have taught Year 7 history in order to experience our new life beyond levels assessment system first hand. I have found this to be an invaluable experience as it has made me think about the importance of assessment and feedback as well as meaning I have an understanding of the benefits of our new system.  Next year I will be teaching A- Level Drama and can’t wait to meet the new year 12 students and begin their learning journey with them.

Teaching is the best profession in the world and I for one don’t want to give it up!