Our Students

“Our children are precious and we are privileged, in partnership with our parents and carers, to be able to guide and support them.”

The ATLP is home to more than 4,000 students, who are taught across seven very different – yet united – primary and secondary schools in Coleshill, Erdington and Four Oaks.

We’re extremely proud of our growing student community and the confident and creative generation of learners who fill our academies and inspire us every day with their positive approach to school life.

As dedicated educators, it’s our duty to provide our children with every opportunity to achieve success and become responsible citizens. We aim to create a stimulating and nurturing environment in which individuals are safe, happy and cared for, and where students can fulfil their highest academic potential through excellence in teaching and learning.

We also want to give all children the best life opportunities, regardless of where they live.  Our common purpose is to improve life chances and make all of our schools great places for children to learn and grow and build solid friendships.

From our youngest children in nursery, to our Year 13 sixth formers, all of our young people are at schools whose main aim is to provide quality education in a creative and vibrant setting. We want to raise expectations of all through mutual respect and shared responsibility and equip our children with the skills to take them through the rest of their lives.

All of our schools are full and enjoying academic success. Our learners are being taught by the very best educators, who are committed to delivering the highest standards in education.

The ATLP believes in developing the whole child by creating a full programme of enrichment opportunities. We celebrate individuality and cultural horizons and strive to ensure that our schools reflect the rich diversity of modern life. We’re keen to develop positive, personal, social, moral and spiritual growth and respect for different beliefs and ways of life.

In true ATLP style, our children are enjoying the benefits of working with others, both in their own friendship circles and schools and across partner ATLP schools. They are at the heart of their individual communities and we are proud of the value they place on learning.

Our talented students excel in all areas, from academia, through to art, sport and a range of extra-curricular activities, including volunteering work, Outward Bound and Duke of Edinburgh awards. We’re cultivating the next generation of leaders who will develop and use their skills to shape future generations. In short, they are the kind of people that we want our children to be: caring, well- rounded and dynamic young people whose lives are full of opportunity and great promise. Our young people are precious and we are privileged, in partnership with our parents and carers to be able to guide and support them.