Slade children walk for peace

By Caroline Finn, Slade Primary School.

Perhaps the most important weather forecast ever made was the one for D-day, the Allied invasion of France. In fact, the bad weather meant the original D-Day plans were delayed.

Luckily, on 6th June 2019, to commemorate the 70th anniversary since the D-day landings happened, the sun was shining.

Slade Primary thought that a ‘Walk for Peace’ would be the perfect way for the children to learn about D-day and why we should honour the soldiers and civilians who died in the war.

Each class made banners to commemorate the 75th anniversary of D-Day then we marched with them around Brookvale Park.

Year Four made ‘Peace stones’ for people to find and spread the message of peace.

Altogether it was a lovely day remembering those soldiers who gave their lives for others.