10 May 2016

Slade’s new ambassadors help pupils keep e-smart

Meet Slade Primary’s new e-safety ambassadors.  These tech-savvy whizz kids have a key role to play in the classroom in helping their fellow pupils keep ‘e-smart’ both inside and outside of school.

This switched on team are just part of the academy’s drive towards boosting e-safety. Pupils, staff and parents have all been taking part in a range of progressive activities to prepare them for being e-smart.

Pupils have been learning about keeping personal information private, cyberbullying, reliability and online strangers. Two adult workshops were well attended and parents were given top tips on e-safety at home.

The e-safety ambassadors took part in extra training and a website ‘digitalpassport’ and their role will be to support pupils in their class on a day-with any e-safety concerns.

The sessions were delivered by IT leaders from Slade’s fellow Arthur Terry Learning Partnership School, Mere Green Primary, which last year won an award for its impressive standards in e-safety.

Mere Green’s Specialist IT leader and specialist leader of education, Terri Coombs (pictured above with children from years 3,4 and 5) said:

Both the children and the adults found the sessions to be very useful and informative, in particular the tips on managing their at home devices with an ‘at home ‘ acceptable use agreement and adding in a ‘no technology day’ to their week to remind children how to play away from the screen.”

Slade headteacher, Helen Hastilow, said:

The hands on sessions were a real hit and everybody has been incredibly receptive to learning in this way.

 Given the growing role of technology in all of our lives, we feel it is important to keep up-to-speed in this area and I think children and adults alike feel much more confident in their approach to e-safety now. Our fantastic ambassadors are the ‘go to’ team whenever pupils have any questions and it’s a role that these young IT gurus are taking on with great enthusiasm and dedication.

One of the many benefits of being part of a network of other forward-thinking schools is that we have access to specialist leaders and resources and we would like to thank our colleagues at Mere Green for passing their knowledge on to our wonderful learning community.”