13 February 2017

Stockland Green students join Erdington MP in the House of Commons


Articulate 7 and 9 students from Stockland Green School have been debating the topical issues of the day– including Brexit and Donald Trump – alongside political heavyweights at the House of Commons.

Five students joined other youth representatives from Erdington, putting solutions forward for the next Erdington Youth Parliament Manifesto to be produced by Jack Dromey MP.  They debated with Speaker of the House of Commons, John Bercow, and tested him on issues on education and the effects of Trump and Brexit.

The Erdington Youth Parliament event was organised by Erdington MP Jack Dromey to inspire the youth of schools, colleges and youth centres across Birmingham and give them the opportunity to meet politicians with any concerns for their future.

They met with Jack Dromey to put forward their points on Brexit and mental health education in schools. As a result, the Erdington MP has committed to visit Erdington schools to discuss how Brexit will affect the youth. He will also be bringing forward the idea of educating children from a young age on mental health warning signs and how to deal with issues.

Charlotte Vernon, history teacher at Stockland Green said:

The students were absolutely amazing!  In a room full of people they did not know, they were not afraid to put their hand up and tackle deep political issues affecting education.

They were extremely passionate about addressing the ideas and misconceptions with depression in the school years in order to accept and learn from each other and thus cope and strive for a better life post 16.

 We could not be more proud of these five students. They are an absolute asset to Stockland Green and the Youth Parliament. Reiss Munn must go on to be a speaker, he has a natural intellectual gift for public speaking, which was acknowledged by staff from other schools. Mention must also go to Yaasir Mohammed who, John Bercow described as: the ‘articulate speaker at the back of the room’. Cara Long, Precious Onojah and Ethan Cherrington also did not hold back with their contributions and conducted themselves eloquently and without fault.”

Jack Dromey MP said:

These students should be proud of themselves. They are real ambassadors – not just for Erdington and their school – but for young people everywhere.

It is so important that their voices are heard, and the Youth Parliament is an excellent way for them to communicate their views. It was insightful to hear their thoughts on topical matters and key issues like mental health in young people, and I look forward to discussing this further when I visit the schools in my constituency. I am incredibly proud of the way the students conducted themselves – I think we have some future politicians in our midst!”