19 May 2016

Students ‘Reaper’ the rewards of charity run for South Africa

Plucky Arthur Terry students have been putting their best feet forward in order to fundraise for the school’s South Africa trip on July 15.

The fundraiser, named as the ‘Reaper Run’, took place in Coventry at a paintballing park, where students battled against obstacles, lots of mud, and even the Grim Reaper himself, jumping out behind bushes, kept the students on their toes.

The event saw students endure an intense 10km run, and tackled over 40 obstacles along the way. From sliding into lakes, to climbing over walls, the runners were certainly put through their paces.

The fundraiser took place in order to raise money and sponsorship for the 42 students who are travelling to South Africa in July. The students will be away for two weeks, helping out at local communities such as the Rondevlei and Ruigtevlei primary schools, which hold strong links with Arthur Terry.

Kezia Swanwick, a year 12 student, said:

“There were so many obstacles to complete, like running and catching onto a wall, or sliding in to a lake. It was so muddy – I was covered from head to toe.

If you didn’t keep running, you’d be freezing! It took me two and a half hours to complete the run, but I was the first, so it took some people nearly four hours.”

Congratulations to the students, and best of luck in South Africa.