Ten eggs, eight legs and Two Gates – Science Week 2019

By Nêst Llewelyn-Cook, headteacher, Two Gates Primary School

From volcanoes to mini beasts, the spotlight was on science learning and teaching all week during 25-29 March, with a full timetable of hands-on experiences across school. Our aims were to:

  • promote a love of science
  • introduce new ideas and concepts
  • cultivate curiosity
  • enhance Science knowledge and skills
  • access Science through other subjects

Wherever you looked children were engaged in active learning-discussing and working scientifically. Here are some of the highlights…

Nursery enjoyed a mini-beast handling session to complement their learning about life cycles. Excited pupils held Giant African Land Snails, beetle larvae, giant millipedes, stick insects and were even brave enough to stroke Fluffy the Chilean Rose Tarantula’s tummy.


Amelia: “The snail is brown and sticky and the shell is hard, if we drop it will get broken!

Jayden: “The snail is scared, it’s hiding in its shell, we have to be quiet, shhhh!

Harry: “The millipede is walking on me, it has lots of legs, it feels like a toothbrush!”

Cee-Jay “Wow, spiders have eight eyes, we’ve only got two!”

Meanwhile in year 6 some brain boggling investigations were taking place to answer some of the BIG questions…

Does light travel in straight lines? Can you prove it?


All KS2 pupils had a ‘Planetarium Experience’ exploring Ancient Egypt, space and natural selection. They learned how past and present scientific discoveries have changed our world.

“The planetarium was interactive; you could experience science all around you!” Jasmine.

Two budding Y2 astronauts with their job applications for a secret mission to Planet GT2035

Year 2 took their learning beyond the Earth’s atmosphere when they researched Neil Armstrong’s amazing life story; they watched real footage from the very first landing on The Moon in 1969.

“Neil Armstrong must have felt dizzy going to the moon because he’d never been that far before,” Karina.

“Neil was the first man to walk on the moon, he must have felt proud of himself,” Blake.

Years 1 and 2 enjoyed a visit from the Animal Man. They learnt about the different animal groups and met lots of interesting creatures including a Salamander, Python, Tenrec, Owl and Tarantula. Lots of children (and staff) faced their fears to touch these exotic creatures.

“The animal man bought in a python and it felt really soft, I thought it would be scalier than that!” Gabe.

Years 1 & 2 meet the Tenrec from Madagascar, feel the soft, downy feathers of an owl and say hello to a European Salamander!

Do you know that you can make plastic using warm milk and white vinegar?

Year 2 investigated what happens when you mix these two ingredients. Children made predictions based on what they already knew about know about milk and vinegar and then wrote a set of instructions for someone else to follow.

“I thought when we mixed the milk and vinegar it would fizz together, but it made plastic lumps!” Kaillen

The awe and wonder of new life was enthralling pupils in Reception…

Ten perfect little eggs hatched into beautiful fluffy chicks before their very eyes; the children loved nurturing and observing them closely as they as they grew and changed.

Presley: “When the chicks hatched, they pecked out of their eggs.”

As part of Year 3’s volcanoes and earthquakes topic, pupils embarked on a challenge to combine their scientific and mathematical skills in order to create an earthquake proof structure.  These were then tested on a tray of jelly to replicate the wave effect created by an earthquake.  Many stood firm during the test due to the excellent engineering that had taken place, with reinforced triangles featuring heavily.

Budding engineers

Many thanks to Miss Milligan for co-ordinating the week’s activities. Everyone had a great time!

Love Children, Love Learning!