High quality Key Stage 2-3 transition across the ATLP

The Arthur Terry Learning Partnership’s Transition Guarantee aspires to deliver high quality KS 2-3 transition to children at ATLP schools.

This is the MAT’s commitment to pupils and families at all of its academies will run the same transition activities so that all children in the ATLP will experience the same high level of quality transition, regardless of which school they are at.

The programme, which is a collaborative approach between primary and secondary schools, will also include a strong focus on the pastoral side of transition, giving children their chance to have their say about their individual needs.

The Transition Guarantee package will help all ATLP students to genuinely prepare for secondary school in the same way: this includes a range of activities, such as taster days, drop-in sessions, Independence Skills Week, Q &A sessions, parents and children meeting members of secondary school at an informal events and reunion events each September.

Steve Hale, project co-ordinator and senior learning mentor at Mere Green Primary School, says: “The move from primary to secondary school is a big and sometimes daunting step for both children and their families.

“By organising this package of inclusive activities for the students, we aim to make this as reassuring and positive as possible, to prepare everybody in the ATLP family for the transition.”

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Allocated Secondary School Confirmed To Parents

You should find out which secondary school you have been allocated today, and for many children this is when transition to secondary school suddenly gets very real. Some of you may be happy & and some may be worried if you’ve not got the school that you really wanted to go to. For this group of children it can be really upsetting for many reasons, but your parent or carer can appeal against this decision, but that is something for the adults to do. The important thing for you to do is talk to someone you are comfortable with and trust about your feelings, this could be at school or at home.

Secondary Schools To Arrange Primary School Visits

Staff from the secondary school that you have been allocated will visit you and talk to you towards the end of April, this will be either to a group of children that are going to the same secondary school, or if you are going to a school with no-one from your class, this will be a one-to-one talk.

Big Meets Event At Primary Schools

The point of “Big Meets” is to have all the adults that play a part in a successful transition from both your primary and secondary school in one place with you. Parents and you will be able to speak to secondary school staff and begin to build up those important relationships with staff that you will be spending the next few years with. It will be a relaxed event such as BBQ, football match or even a picnic!

Transition Sessions To Year 6

Your primary school transition staff will come into your Year 6 classroom on a weekly basis for the next four weeks, and go through different aspects of transition. These could include: Myths and Realities of secondary school, Travel, How to make new friends, Where can I get support in secondary school, Organisational Skills (Planners, Bags, Money). This is important because it will give you the chance to start thinking about key points and things you may want to practise before September.

Big Meet Event At Secondary Schools

This will take place after SATS and will again be an informal chance to meet up with key secondary staff, but this will be at the secondary school sites instead!

Pastoral Transition Forms To Be Delivered To Secondary Schools

Each child in Year 6 within your ATLP School will be able to write down key information the YOU feel is important that your new secondary school knows about you, it could be points such as What do you do for fun? Are you someone that gets worried easily? What are your favourite lessons etc. Parents will also have a Pastoral Form to fill out, and this is THEIR chance to let the school know what makes you tick as a person. Your primary school will also be able to provide key pastoral information about your time at primary school, this would include strategies that work for you if you’re having a tough time, positive friendship circles, primary support received, attendance. It is really important that this is seen as a way of trying to paint an accurate, overall picture of you. Your primary school may well have known you since 3 years of age and we will have key information that needs to go to the right person, tutor or team within your secondary school. Each child will have a set of these three pages and they will be hand delivered to your secondary school, the secondary schools will respect and take on board what has been put on this set of information and use it when going through the process of setting tutor groups. This information will have no sway on which teaching classes you will be in.

Classroom Transition Display

You should begin to start noticing that your Year 6 classroom will have a Year 6-7 Transition Board. This should include: Schools where their peers will be going to, The ATLP Transition Guarantee, Map of the local area with schools highlighted, advertising drop – in sessions, information on Independence week and a Discussion/Worry box as a baseline. There may well be more on the board, but this will be the bare minimum.

Drop In Sessions At Break Time

We know that there may be worries and anxieties that you will have about secondary school, and you may not want to ask an important questions infront of everyone. So, your primary school will make sure that there is someone around during break or dinnertime that you to talk through one-to-one to begin to supporting you with your worry.

Independence Skills Weeks

Year 6 Independence Week will give you the chance to start thinking and preparing for the organisational skills required for secondary school. Parents will be asked NOT to get your packed lunch ready for this week, or pack your bag, you will get a two week timetable, a homework planner booklet/pages, specific school equipment to be brought in on specific days, asked to get to designated places in school at the right time, and the Year 6 teacher will try their very best to teach you as Year 7 pupils, this may include positive and negative behaviour points, speed of work, homework. This isn’t designed to catch you out, but more a way of giving you an idea of what you may want to work on in the build up to September.

Transition Days

This 2 day transition event run by secondary schools at the secondary schools, with focus on finding your way around your new school, team building, lessons and structure of secondary school life (including timings). You will have the chance to meet individual Progress Leaders, take part in lessons, Themed activities. Each school will do this a little differently though.

Parents Induction Evening

Secondary Schools across the ATLP will give you and parents the chance to explore your new secondary school and for parents to buy uniform from sellers in preparation for September. The date of this may well change depending on the individual schools.

Children Start Education At Secondary School

This will be your first official full day at your new secondary school. It is important that you are on time and prepared for the day. Try to arrange to travel with a friend to your secondary school as it will help you (or a friend) feel less nervous. The day will go quick and there will be times when you may well get lost, but secondary schools understand this. The trick is to learn the lessons that this day will throw up at you.

Primary Pastoral Visit to Year 7 Pupils

A member of staff from your primary school will come and visit you in either a group or one-to-one. This is really important because if you don’t feel comfortable speaking to new staff at your new school, this will hopefully give you a friendly face that you will know well from your primary school to talk through any concerns. We will then be able to let your secondary school know of your issue or anxieties, so that they can plan to support you.

Year 6 Reunion Event

All the children that were in their Y6 class will be invited back to their primary school to catch up with children that may have gone to other secondary schools, as well as your primary school staff. This is especially important for children who may have gone to a secondary school without anyone from their Year 6 class. You will be asked to come in your secondary school uniforms with your parents. It will also give us feedback on whether we have done well with your transition or if we’d missed anything out.